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Millenium Studio was created by a French designer, Patrick Claudin, a French DPLG architect, Chafik Kabbej and an Indonesian group, Alvitama Sentosa.

Millenium Studio is first of all a design studio, specialized in producing various outdoors furniture for bright houses and apartments, veranda, patios, restaurants, hotels and gardens. And we create a new products every day all year.

We don't have any creation limitation... everything is possible and we are always thinking about new technologies to develop. As we work with hotels and projects, we don't have any minimum.

We work with most of the worldwide top fabric mills from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, US as well as mills from India or China. We have a very wide sourcing.


Our website is for PROFESSIONAL only. Please register your data in Registration Form before you Login/Logout our website.

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